Remove policy security operation

Removes the security from a policy-protected PDF or Microsoft Office (MS Office) document. The user who invokes this operation must be authenticated with the AEM forms Server. The user must also be a known publisher of the document or be authorized to remove security from a document.

For information about the General and Route Evaluation property groups, see Common operation properties .

Input properties

Property to specify the policy-protected document.

Input PDF Document

A document value that represents the policy-protected PDF or MS Office document.

If you provide a literal value, click the ellipsis button  to open the Select Asset dialog box. (See About Select Asset ).

Output properties

Property to specify the unsecured document.

Result PDF Document

(Optional) The unsecured PDF or MS Office document. The data type is document . If a file with the same name exists in this location, it is overwritten.

If you provide a variable, select a variable from the Result PDF Document list. Click the plus sign button  to display the Variable dialog box to create a variable. (See Creating variables ).


This operation can throw an SDKException exception.

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