Invoking services in AEM forms using Web Services

You can invoke services that are part of AEM forms using web services. For instance, you can invoke a service on another AEM forms Server using the Invoke Web Service operation in your process. Invoke the service on another AEM forms Server when the service is not available on the AEM forms Server that executes the process. When you choose to invoke web services, the default for attachments is MTOM.

For a service in AEM forms, you determine the WSDL URL to use by accessing the web service endpoint information in Applications and Services. (See Applications and Services administration help .) For example, to determine the WSDL URL to use for the Generate PDF service, in administration console, select Applications and Services > GeneratePDFService. In the Endpoints tab, click GeneratePDFService for the provided Default SOAP Endpoint to see the WSDL URL.

To invoke asynchronous service operations from AEM forms, add the suffix ?wsdl&async=true&lc&lc_version=9.0.0 to the value of Target URL after the WSDL is successfully loaded. If you do not add ?wsdl&async=true&lc&lc_version=9.0.0 to the value, an Operation Not Found exception occurs when you invoke the web service.

Services for long-lived processes are asynchronous.

For example, if you want to use an asynchronous operation from the Generate PDF service, perform the following steps. In the following example, [servername] is the name of the AEM forms Server and [portnumber] is the port number used to access the server.

  1. In the WSDL URL field, type http:// [servername] : [portnumber] /soap/services/GeneratePDFServices?wsdl&lc_version=9.0.0&version=1.1&async=true , and then click Load. After successfully loading the WSDL URL, in the Target URL box, the value http:// [server name]:[port number] /soap/services/GeneratePDFServices is filled in for you.

  2. Add the ?wsdl&async=true&lc&lc_version=9.0.0 to the provided URL. For example, change http:// [servername] : [portnumber] /soap/services/GeneratePDFServices to http:// [servername] : [portnumber] /soap/services/GeneratePDFServices? wsdl&async=true&lc&lc_version=9.0.0 .

  3. Select an asynchronous operation from the Operation list. For example, select HTMLToPDF to invoke the asynchronous operation to convert an HTML page to a PDF document.

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