About Email Template Editor

Use the Email Template Editor to override the default email template for the specific task.

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The subject for the email. You can include text, XPath expressions, or forms workflow variables.

Buttons for HTML tags available for HTML-formatted email templates.

Encoding for the email template.

Editing area for contents of email template.

Preview area for HTML-formatted email templates.

Add an XPath expression.

Add an URL to the email template that opens the task.

Include an attachment of the form and its data with the email message.

Add a forms workflow variable from the Variable Picker dialog box.

Variable Picker:
The forms workflow variable to add.
  • @@taskid@@ : The unique identifier for the current task.

  • @@instructions@@ : The text that is entered for the task.

  • @@notification-host@@ : The host name of the AEM forms Server.

  • @@description@@ : The contents from the Description property for the Assign Task operation.

  • @@process-name@@ : The name of the process.

  • @@operation-name@@ : The contents of the Name property from the Assign Task operation.

Body Format:
The format the email is sent in. Choose between HTML or TEXT. The default format is HTML.

The default encoding format used for the email. The default is UTF-8. It is recommended that ISO-2022JP be used for Japanese character sets.

Select an encoding format from the list:

Note: The list of defaults depends on the operating system you use.

Include Form Data In Email:
The default is not to include form data as an attachment to the email.

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