About Processes

Processes represent the business processes that you are automating using AEM forms. You use Workbench to model business processes at design time. At run time, processes are services that run on the AEM forms Server. Client software initiates processes on demand according to business needs and the purposes of the processes.

Opening the Process Design perspective

Open the Process Design perspective to create or edit process diagrams.

The Process Design perspective is composed of an editor and several views. The editor is a visual component that is used to edit or browse a process diagram. The views support the editor, provide alternative presentations for selected items in the editor, and let you navigate the information in Workbench.

To open the Process Design perspective:

Click the Process Design Perspective icon in the toolbar.
You can also click the Window menu and select either of the following items:
  • Open Perspective > Process Design

  • Open Perspective > Other > and then select Process Design and click OK.

Window > Open Perspective > Process Design is available only when the Process Design or Form Design perspective is currently being used.

By default, perspectives always open in the same window. To open perspectives in a new window, edit the preferences.

Process Design perspective views

The Process Design perspective contains a default combination of views and an editor. You can also open views that the current perspective does not contain.

These views are available:

Tools for installing and managing components.

Tools for creating and managing event types. (See Managing event types .)

Tools for viewing and managing AEM forms applications.

Process Properties:
Tools for configuring the properties of operations on a process diagram. (See Input and output data for operations .)

Tools for interacting with resources in the repository, such as folders, forms, and images.

Lists the services you can use in your process diagrams.

Validation Report:
Tools for viewing the results of process validations. (See Validation reports .)

Tools for creating and configuring variables. (See Process variables .)

After you open a view, it becomes part of the current perspective until you close the view.

To open a view:

Select Window > Show View > view , where view is the name of the view.

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