Application Manager Service Java API Quick Start(SOAP)

Java API Quick Start(SOAP) is available for the Application Manager service.

Quick Start (SOAP mode): Deploying Applications using the Java API

Quick Start (SOAP mode): Removing an application using the Java API

Note: The application manager APIs support only AEM Forms LCA files. It does not support LCA files of LiveCycle ES2 and ES4.

AEM Forms operations can be performed using the AEM Forms strongly typed API and the connection mode should be set to SOAP.

  • Note: Java API(SOAP) Quick Start located in Programming with AEM forms are based on the Forms if you are using another operating system, such as Unix, replace windows specific paths with paths supported by the applicable operating system. Likewise, if you are using another J2EE application server, then ensure that you specify valid connection properties. (See Setting connection properties.)

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