About This Help

Programming with AEM Forms is intended for developers who want to build components and client applications that programmatically interact with services in AEM Forms.

This Help does not provide service background information or service considerations that you need to know when programmatically invoking AEM Forms services. Before programmatically working with AEM Forms, it is recommended that you are familiar with AEM Forms.
Note: Only documented APIs are supported by Adobe. Usage of any undocumented APIs are not supported.

Use this Help to learn about the following aspects of LiveCycle SDK:

  • How to invoke AEM Forms services (including processes built with Programming with Workbench). (See Using Workbench )

  • How to develop client applications that access AEM Forms APIs by using ActionScript™ or Java™, or that use exposed WSDLs on native SOAP stacks.

  • How to develop custom service providers for various services such as the Rights Management service.

  • How to develop components within a Java integrated development environment (IDE), such as Eclipse, that you can deploy to AEM Forms.

    This Help contains step-by-step information about using the APIs to develop components and client applications, and provides complete code examples called Quick Starts that you can use to get up and running immediately. (See Introducing Java API(SOAP) Quick Start .)

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