3.1 Prepare your server environment

Do the following tasks to prepare your server environment:

  1. Verify that the installation media is not damaged. It is recommended that you copy the installer files to the hard disk of the computer where you intend to install AEM forms on JEE, instead of installing directly from the installation media.

    Also verify the MD5 checksum of the installation media matches the checksum posted at Adobe Website .

  2. Read 3.2 System requirements , and ensure that your software infrastructure is compliant.

  3. Read System requirements, and ensure that your hardware infrastructure is in place, as per your requirements.

  4. Install the operating system and update with all necessary patches and service packs.

  5. Install and configure the database server.

  6. Install and configure the application server.

  7. Ensure that your target computer has at least the required amount of RAM as described in 3.2.1 Minimum hardware requirements .

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