Displays a dialog box on the screen. It is available only for client applications.


Reference_Syntax.messageBox( STRING param1 [, STRING param2 [, INTEGER param3 [, INTEGER param4 ] ] ] )



A valid string representing the message to display.

param2 (Optional)

A valid string representing the title to appear in the title bar of the dialog window.

To help protect against Internet spoofing, the dialog window title begins with the text “Warning: JavaScript Window -”. The window title that you specify in this parameter displays after the warning text.

param3 (Optional)

An integer representing the icon to display in the dialog box.

  • 0 (Error) - This is the default.

  • 1 (Warning)

  • 2 (Question)

  • 3 (Status)

param4 (Optional)

An integer representing the buttons to display.

  • 0 (OK) - This is the default.

  • 1 (OK, Cancel)

  • 2 (Yes, No)

  • 3 (Yes, No, Cancel)

While param2 , param3 , and param4 are optional, if you want to include a particular parameter, include all of the preceding parameters. For example, the following JavaScript is incorrect:"Hello World!",3,1);

In this case you must also specify a value for param2 for the JavaScript to execute correctly.


A valid integer representing the value of the button pressed by the user:

  • 1 (OK)

  • 2 (Cancel)

  • 3 (No)

  • 4 (Yes)

Applies to


XFA 2.1


JavaScript"This is a message", "This is a title", 3, 1);

FormCalc"This is a message", "This is a title", 3, 1)

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