To use statement completion to create calculations and scripts

The statement completion functionality within the Script Editor lets you build your calculations and scripts interactively.

When writing a calculation or script, each time you enter a period (.) immediately following a form object or property name, the statement completion functionality displays a list of available methods and properties. If the statement completion list does not appear, verify that you have typed the object or property name correctly and that the object is within the scope of the object where you are creating your script. For more information about referencing objects in calculations and scripts, see Referencing Objects in Calculations and Scripts .

  1. Type the name of a form design object, property, or a valid FormCalc shortcut, followed by a period.

  2. Select the method or property you want to apply for the form design object and continue writing the script. To close the statement completion list without selecting a function, press the Esc key.

    The list of available XML Form Object Model properties changes depending on the form design object or property that appears before the period.

    Note: The statement completion list appears only when accessing objects, properties, and methods in the XML Form Object Model. It does not appear when working with standard JavaScript objects or methods.

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