Layout properties in the Layout palette

Using the Layout palette, you can specify a number of characteristics that apply to the selected object, including its size and position, margins, and location of captions. You can specify layout properties for each object on the page.

X and Y
Sets the horizontal and vertical position of the object’s anchor point. If the setting in the Anchor list is not Top Left, X and Y options change to AnchorX and AnchorY. See To position objects

Width, Height, and Expand to Fit/Auto-fit
Sets the minimum overall height and width of the object and enables expansion in that direction if required. See To position objects and To make objects expand to fit .
Note: To manually expand objects, you can also select the Show Text Overflow Indicators option on the Wizards and Tips panel in the Options dialog box. See Wizards and Tips (Options dialog box) .

The Auto-fit options appears for subform objects only. When selected, the subform changes size in Designer to fit the enclosed content.

Sets the object’s anchor point. See To rotate objects .

 Rotates the object around its anchor point. See To rotate objects .

Content Alignment in a Flowed Container
Sets the alignment of the selected object in a subform that flows content.

Sets the amount of white space on the left and right sides of the object and above and below the object. See Formatting objects .

Sets the position of a caption. See Creating an insertion point .

Sets the amount of space reserved for a caption. See Formatting objects .

A reserve of 0 sets the caption area to auto-fit. It adjusts the size of the object to fit the caption.

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