Using subform sets

A subform set is a grouping of two or more repeating or multipage subforms.

Use a subform set to control the order in which the subforms are rendered within the set, based on the order that the subforms appear within the set.

For example, in the sample Purchase Order form, you can see how the detailHeader and detail subforms are grouped into a subform set. The subform set keeps the two subforms together so that both subforms for each data item are rendered, or neither subform is rendered if no data exists for the detail subform.

By grouping subforms into a subform set, you ensure that subforms will not rendered within the set unless data exists to render the subform.

You can control the order in which subforms are rendered within a set by selecting one of these options from the Type list of the Subform Set tab in the Object palette:

  • Use All Subforms in Order

    All of the subforms in the subform set will appear in the final document and in the order they appear in the Hierarchy palette.

  • Select One Subform From Alternatives

    One subform from the set appears in the final document. For more information, see Using choice subform sets .

When choosing how to render subforms, consider the following facts:

  • If you set a subform to a minimum count of zero, the subform is not rendered if no data exists for that subform.

  • If you set a subform to a minimum count value less than the number of actual occurrences in the data, the remaining data values will not be displayed. Conversely, if you set a subform to a maximum count value greater than the number of actual occurrences in the data, the specified number of subforms are rendered, which means that some objects in the subform will render without data and appear blank.

  • You can, if you want, nest subform sets within other subform sets to any number of levels. However, you cannot place individual objects such as lines, circles, or text field objects inside a subform set.

To insert a subform set

A subform set is a grouping of two or more subforms that you want to keep together. You can use subform sets to combine subforms and control the order in which they are rendered.

Before you create a subform set, it is a good practice to consider the order in which you want the form to be rendered so that you can select the correct option from the Type list in the Subform tab.

  1. Right-click in the Hierarchy palette and select Insert Subform Set. An untitled subform set is added to the Hierarchy palette.

  2. In the Hierarchy palette, drag the subforms you want into the subform set.

  3. With the subform set selected in the Hierarchy palette, in the Object palette, click the Subform Set tab and, in the Type list select the option you want.

  4. Click the Binding tab. Optionally, you can type a name for the subform set in the Name box.

  5. If you want the subform set to repeat according to the data provided, select Repeat Subform For Each Data Item, and then specify a minimum and maximum count, if necessary.

  6. Preview the form design to test the subform set.

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