To change the tabbing order for a single object using keyboard shortcuts

Note: You must use the mouse pointer in conjunction with the keyboard to change the tabbing order by using keyboard shortcuts.

You change the tabbing order by selecting the objects and changing their positions in the Tab Order palette list.

To change the order using the menu

Press Ctrl+Up Arrow or Ctrl+Down Arrow to move the object one position up or down in the list.

To change the order by editing the number

Press F2 to make the number listed beside the object name editable. Then type the new number that indicates the new position of the object in the tabbing order and press Enter.

To change the order using copy and paste

Press Ctrl+C to copy the selected object to the clipboard. Then press the Up Arrow or Down Arrow repeatedly until you highlight the object above which you want to place the object, and press Ctrl+V to paste the object from the clipboard.

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