Binding fields to a data source

When you bind the fields in a form design to a data source, you create an association between the form design and the data source. The association allows you to capture, present, move, process, output, and print information that is associated with the form design.

The data description controls data generation in a form. It ensures that exported or saved data is valid according to the form’s default data connection (either from an XML schema or sample XML data). Fields and subforms that are bound to data that is not defined by the data description or data connection produce warning messages in Designer. As well, the data in those fields is not exported in Acrobat.

If some fields are bound to a data source, data in fields bound by name is lost when the data is saved from Acrobat. When using a default data connection, all the fields for which you want the data saved must be bound to the data connection.

Designer enables you to use client-side or server-side binding. By using client-side binding, you can make immediate changes to the data. Server-side binding requires that you submit back to the server to commit changes to the data.

To perform client-side binding, you must have Acrobat or Adobe Reader (with a rights-enabled form) installed. You need Forms on a Microsoft server to do server-side database binding.

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