Button properties in the Submit tab

When you create a button and set its Control Type to Submit, the Submit tab appears in the Object palette. It displays several options specific to formatting buttons that submit data.

Submit to URL

Sets the location of a web-hosted server. You can specify the ftp, http, https, or mailto protocol.

Submit As

Sets the format of the data to submit.

XML Data Package (XDP)
Submits a package in the file format created by Designer. Choose this format if the form initiates server-side processing, or to submit the form design, the form data, annotations, and all other relevant information needed for Forms to subsequently render the form at run time.

Submits a package containing an embedded PDF file. Choose this format if the form contains a signature field, or if a copy of the form along with its data needs to be saved by Forms, or submitted to another type of target server. Do not choose this option if the form initiates server-side processing, if Forms will be used to render at run time HTML forms or forms whose layout adjusts, or if the form is a PDF form that will be filled in Adobe Reader without the use of Acrobat Reader DC extensions.

XML Data (XML)
Submits an XML data stream, which allows for the hierarchical representation of data and can be parsed by any generic XML parser. Choose this format if the server that communicates with the run-time user application program must receive an XML data steam.

URL-Encoded Data (HTTP Post)
Submits a text stream to the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using the POST method. The text stream can be parsed by an FTP server, a mail server, a web server, or a CGI script that processes HTML forms. To use this method, users must open the form in Adobe Reader 6.0 or later or in a web browser unless the URL specifies the mailto protocol.

Sign Submission
Applies a data signature to the submitted data. When a form filler clicks the button, a digital signature is created to cover the submitted data and attachments. Data signatures secure the signed data and guarantee the data integrity during transmission. You apply data signatures to the form data or to the entire submission, including attachments. Click the Settings buton to define optional security properties for the data signature, such as the signature handler, signing certificates, and certificate issuers.

Encrypt Submission
Encrypts form content. When a form filler clicks the button, the form content is encrypted before submission to secure the form content during transmission. You apply encryption to the form data or to the entire submission, including attachments. Click the Settings buton to define optional encryption properties such as encryption algorithm, encryption certificate, certificate issuers, and key usage.


Sets the items to include as attachments. Attachments may be included with XDP files only.

Includes review comments, tool tips, and any other special tags needed to capture screen reader text.

PDF (Includes Signatures)
When selected, includes a PDF version of the form when it is submitted as an attachment; otherwise, a reference to an embedded PDF file is included.

Includes a copy of the form design without merged data.

Includes one or more <xdp> elements in the XDP source file. The specified elements must be separated by commas and white space is optional. For example: xci, xslt, sourceset .

Data Encoding

Sets the encoding format for data transfers.

Unicode Transformation Format 8.

Unicode Transformation Format 16.

Shifted encoding of the Japanese Industrial Standard.

Common standard for encoding traditional Chinese characters.

Simplified Chinese (GB 13000.1-93) character encoding (an extension of GB 2312-80).

Korean encoding.

People's Republic of China (PRC) official character set encoding (supersedes GB2312).

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