Supported barcode formats

The following is a list of supported barcode formats:

Aztec format (hardware-rendered)

AUS Post Custom2
AUSPOST Custom 2 format

AUS Post Custom3
AUSPOST Custom 3 format

AUS Post Reply Paid
AUSPOST Reply Paid format

AUS Post Standard
AUSPOST Standard format

Codabar format, which offers USD-4, NW-7, and 2-of-7 Code compatibility.

Code 11
Code 11 format (hardware-rendered)

Code 128SSCC
UCC/EAN 128 Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) format

Code 128
Code128 format

Code 128A
Code128, set A format

Code 128B
Code128, set B format

Code 128C
Code128, set C format

Code 2 of 5 Industrial
2 of 5 Industrial format

Code 2 of 5 Interleaved
2 of 5 Interleaved format, which offers Code 25, I2of5, ITF, and I25 compatibility

Code 2 of 5 Matrix
2 of 5 Matrix format

Code 2 of 5 Standard
Code 2 of 5 standard format (hardware-rendered)

Code 3 of 9 - 3
3 of 9 format

Code 93
Code 93 format (hardware-rendered)

Code 49
Code 49 format (hardware-rendered)

Data Matrix
Data Matrix format

GS1 Data Matrix
GS1 Data Matrix format

EAN13 format

EAN8 format

Japanese Postal Barcode
Japanese Postal barcode format

Logmars format (hardware-rendered)

MSI format (hardware-rendered)

PDF 417
A two-dimensional format that accommodates up to 1 800 ASCII characters and supports binary data of upto 1 Mb in size.

Paper Forms Barcode
Paper Forms Barcode format

Planet Code
Planet Code format (hardware-rendered)

Plessey format (hardware-rendered)

QR Code
Quick Response (QR) 2-D Code format (hardware-rendered)

Radio frequency identification barcode (hardware-rendered)

RSS 14 Stacked
RSS 14 Stacked format (hardware-rendered)

RSS 14 Omni
RSS 14 Omni format (hardware-rendered)

RSS 14 Truncated
RSS 14 Truncated format (hardware-rendered)

RSS Expanded
(RSS Expanded format (hardware-rendered)

RSS Limited
RSS Limited format (hardware-rendered)

UK/Royal Mail RM4SCC format

UPC-A format

UPC-E format (hardware-rendered)

UPS Maxicode
UPS Maxicode format (hardware-rendered)

UPC EAN2 format (hardware-rendered)

UPC EAN5 format (hardware-rendered)

US Postal Zip-5
US Postal 5-digit (ZIP) format

US Postal DPBC
Delivery Point ZIP +6 format

US Postal Standard
US Postal Standard format

US Postal Intelligent Mail
US Postal Intelligent Mail Barcode
Note: Additional hardware-specific barcode formats can be added to the default set of supported barcode formats.

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