Dynamically populate a tool tip

You can dynamically populate a tool tip with a value from a data source. For example, you can display a custom tool tip for an object that is in French.

The schema you connect to could have the following defined for a tool tip:

      <tooltip dp_tt="tooltip1"/> 

The data file you point to could have the following defined for a tool tip:

      <tooltip dp_tt="Quantité - Entrez un nombre inférieur ou égal à 100."/> 

When you merge the data file with the form design, and you position the pointer over the Quantity field, you will see the following tool tip:

Before you perform this task, you must ensure the following settings are in effect:

  1. In the Object Library palette, click the Standard category and drag an object onto the form design.

    For example, insert a Text Field object.

  2. (Optional) In the Object palette, click the Field tab and type a caption for the object in the Caption box.

    For example, type Quantité .

  3. In the Accessibility palette, click the Tool Tip active label.

  4. Select the data connection.

    Note: If you are not already connected to a data source, Default Data Binding is the only selection in the Data Connection list.
  5. Click the triangle beside the Binding box and select a binding.

    For example, select tooltip > @dp_tt.

    The following string appears in the Binding box:


    You could type this string into the Items box instead of selecting it.
  6. Click OK.

  7. View the form in the Preview PDF tab.

    For example, in the Preview PDF tab, try positioning the pointer over the Quantity field to see the custom tool tip.

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