Create Fragment dialog box

Use this dialog box to create a fragment from the selected objects.

To display this dialog box, select the object or objects that you want to include in a fragment and select Edit > Fragments > Create Fragment.

When you create a fragment in a AEM forms application, it is saved in the repository and appears in the Applications view in Workbench.

Enter a name for the fragment. If the selection was a named subform or script object, the name of the object is the default value. If the selection was an unnamed object or if multiple objects were selected, the default value is Fragment <n> where <n> is a number.

Optional. Type a description for the fragment

Create New Fragment in Fragment Library
Creates a fragment file within the specified library.

Fragment Library
The Fragment Library where the new fragment is saved. Select Open Fragment Library if the library where you want to save the fragment is not in the list.

File Name
The filename for the XDP file that contains the fragment. The default is the fragment name.

Replace selection with reference to new form fragment
Replaces the selection with a reference to the new fragment file. If the fragment file is later updated, the fragment reference will also be updated.

Create New Fragment in Current Document
Defines the selection as a fragment within the current file. No new fragment file is created. For example, select this option to create multiple fragments in the same XDP file and library.

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