Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box

Use this dialog box to create and manage keyboard shortcuts for the commands in Designer.

To display this dialog box, select Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Lists the (Default) and user-defined sets of keyboard shortcuts that you can use, modify and save, or delete. After any changes are made to a selected set, the word (Modified) is appended to the set name.

Save As
Opens the Save As dialog box, letting you name and save the selected keyboard shortcut set. You can rename any modified set to suit you needs. You cannot replace the (Default) keyboard shortcut set.

Deletes the selected set of keyboard shortcuts. You cannot delete the (Default) keyboard shortcut set.

Product Area
Lists the product areas (including menus and palettes) for which you can create one or more customized keyboard shortcuts.

Displays all available commands when All Commands is selected in the Product Area list but displays only the relevant commands when a specific menu or palette is selected. Commands are organized into product areas such as File, Edit, View, and Palettes.

Current Shortcuts
Lists the shortcut keys that are assigned to the command that is selected in the Commands list.

Removes the selected shortcut from the Current Shortcuts list. This option is unavailable when the command selected in the Commands list does not have any shortcut keys assigned to it.

New Shortcut
Box in which you type the new shortcut keys you want to assign to the selected command.

Assigns the new shortcut keys to the selected command.

Provides a short description of the selected command.

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