Info (Form Properties dialog box)

Use this dialog box to capture and view general information about the form design. For example, the File option displays the file name and path to the location of the form design.

If you are working with a PDF document that contains PDF artwork, the information in the Info tab is displayed as read-only and can only be edited in Acrobat.

To display this dialog box, select File > Form Properties and click Info.

Displays the file name and path to its location. The name is created when you save the form design.

Specifies the name of the form design.

Specifies a description of the form design.

Specifies the creator of the form design.

Specifies additional contact information.

Specifies the department in your organization that owns the form design.

Creation Date
Specifies the date the form design was created.

Specifies the current version of the form design.

Version Date
Specifies the date of the current version of the form design.

Custom Properties
Specifies custom properties for the form (for example, a copyright URL).

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