PDF Print Options (Form Properties dialog box)

Use this dialog box to specify settings for printing a PDF form in the form design instead of placing the effort on users to properly configure the print job. You can also specify that the Print dialog box appears when the PDF form opens, allowing users to print the form immediately.

To display this dialog box, select File > Form Properties and click PDF Print Options.

Use these print settings for printing this PDF form
Includes options for printing the PDF form:
Note: Setting the following options is recommended only for form designs saved as Acrobat 8 (Static) PDF forms or Acrobat 8 (Dynamic) XML forms.
Number of Copies
Specifies the number of copies that will be printed.

Duplex Mode
Specifies the setting for duplex printing. The selected printer must support duplex printing if you select a duplex option.

Page Scaling
Specifies print settings in the form design instead of placing the effort on the user:
Use Acrobat/Reader Setting
Prints using the page scaling options selected in the Acrobat/Reader Print dialog box.

No Page Scaling
Sets page scaling to none.

Prevent User from Changing
Prevents users from changing page scaling.

Select Paper Source by Page Size
Selects the paper source based on the paper size.

Automatically print the form when it is opened
Includes options for printing the PDF form when it opens:
Print to the user’s default printer
Prints the PDF form using the user’s default printer, which can be a local or network printer.

Print to
Specifies the printer on which the PDF form prints.

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