Syntax Formatting dialog box

Use the FormCalc, JavaScript, and XML Source Syntax Formatting dialog boxes to define the font and color settings for the FormCalc syntax, JavaScript syntax, and the XML source syntax.

To display Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, and Vietnamese characters in the Script Editor or XML Source Tab, you must change the font settings that Designer uses in the Script Editor and XML Source tab. Otherwise, Designer displays rectangles where the language-specific characters should be. For example, set the font for Arabic to Adobe Arabic, for Hebrew to Adobe Hebrew, for Thai to Adobe Thai, and for Vietnamese to Myriad Pro or Minion Pro.

To display this dialog box, select Tools > Options. Select Workspace from the list on the left and then click one of the Syntax Formatting buttons.

Sets the font.

Sets the font size.

Color Settings
Sets the category that you want to modify.

Use Custom Text Color
Sets the color of the characters.

Use Custom Background Color
Sets the color of the background.

Displays an example of what you set.

Restore Defaults
Resets the font and color settings to their defaults.

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