11.1 Download the Web Native Connector

  1. Download the JBoss Web Native Connector for Windows from the JBoss Web Native Connectors - Current packages download page. Depending upon your Windows version, download either of the following files:

  2. Extract the ZIP file and copy all contents of the \modules\system\layers\base\native folder to the [appserver root]\modules\system\layers\base\native folder of your JBoss installation folder.

  3. Open the service.bat file in a text editor and update the variables.

    You should update the variables for Service Name (SHORTNAME) Service Display (DISPLAYNAME) and Service Description (DESCRIPTION) with values that reflect your JBoss environment. For example, if your JBoss version is 6.2.0, enter the following:

    set SHORTNAME=JBOSS_FOR_Adobe Experience Manager_FORMS

    set DISPLAYNAME="JBoss for Adobe Experience Manager forms"

    set DESCRIPTION="JBoss for Adobe Experience Manager forms"

  4. In the service.bat file, add the following code after the setlocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion line:

    for /f "delims=" %%a in ('hostname') do @set HOSTNAME=%%a

  5. In the service.bat file, modify the set STARTPARAM="/c \"set NOPAUSE=Y ^^^&^^^& standalone.bat\"" line as follows:

    set STARTPARAM="/c \"set NOPAUSE=Y ^^^&^^^& standalone.bat\" -b %HOSTNAME% -c lc_turnkey.xml"

  6. For auto start, add --Startup=auto in the following line in the service.bat file:

    %PRUNSRV% install %SHORTNAME% %RUNAS% --Startup=auto --DisplayName=%DISPLAYNAME% --Description %DESCRIPTION% --LogLevel=%LOGLEVEL% --LogPath="%LOGPATH%" --LogPrefix=service --StdOutput=auto --StdError=auto --StartMode=exe --StartImage=cmd.exe --StartPath="%JBOSS_HOME%\bin" ++StartParams=%STARTPARAM% --StopMode=exe --StopImage=cmd.exe --StopPath="%JBOSS_HOME%\bin" ++StopParams=%STOPPARAM%

  7. Save and close the file.

Note: Specify JBoss cluster arguments in Step 4 and 5 to include the JBoss instance in the cluster. For detailed information about JBoss cluster arguments, see 3.6 Running JBoss in a cluster

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