Kuler panel

About the Kuler panel

The Kuler™ panel is your portal to groups of colors, or themes, created by an online community of designers. You can use it to browse thousands of themes on Kuler™, and then download some to edit or to include in your own projects. You can also use the Kuler panel to create and save themes, and then share them with the Kuler community by uploading them.

The Kuler panel is available in Adobe Photoshop® CS5, Adobe Flash® Professional CS5, Adobe InDesign® CS5, Adobe Illustrator® CS5, and Adobe Fireworks® CS5. The panel is not available in the French versions of these products.

For a video on the Kuler panel, see

For an article on Kuler and color inspiration, see Veerle Pieters' blog at

Browse themes

An Internet connection is required to browse themes online.

Search themes

  1. Select Window > Extensions > Kuler, and then select the Browse panel.

  2. Do either of the following:

    • In the Search box, enter the name of a theme, tag, or creator.

      Note: Use only alphanumerical characters (Aa-Zz, 0-9) in searches.
    • Filter the search results by selecting an option from the pop-up menus above the results.

View a theme online on Kuler

  1. In the Browse panel, select a theme in the search results.

  2. Click the triangle on the right side of the theme and select View Online in Kuler.

Saving frequent searches

  1. Select the Custom option in the first pop-up menu in the Browse panel.

  2. In the dialog box that opens, enter your search terms and save them.

When you want to run the search, select it from the first pop-up menu.

To delete a saved search, select the Custom option in the pop-up menu. Then clear the searches you want to delete, and click Save.

Working with themes

You can use the Kuler panel to create or edit themes, and include them in your projects.

Note: In Illustrator, you create and edit themes with the Edit Color/Recolor Artwork dialog box, rather than the Create panel. For details, see Illustrator Help.

Add a theme to the Swatches panel of your application

  1. In the Browse panel, select a theme you want to use.

  2. Click the triangle on the right side of the theme and select Add To Swatches Panel.

    You can also add a theme from the Create panel by clicking the Add Selected Theme To Swatches button.

Edit a theme

  1. In the Browse panel, locate a theme you want to edit and then double-click the theme in the search results. The theme opens in the Create panel.

  2. In the Create panel, edit the theme using the tools at your disposal. For more information, see the Create Panel Tools topic that follows.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Save your theme by clicking the Save Theme button.

    • Add the theme to your application’s Swatches panel by clicking the Add To Swatches Panel button at the bottom of the panel.

    • Upload the theme to the Kuler service by clicking the Upload button at the bottom of the panel.

Create panel tools

The Create panel provides a variety of tools to create or edit themes.

  • Select a harmony rule from the Select Rule pop-up menu. The harmony rule uses the base color as the basis for generating the colors in the color group. For example, if you choose a blue base color and the Complementary harmony rule, a color group is created using the base color, blue, and its complement, red.

  • Select the Custom rule to create a theme using free-form adjustments.

  • Manipulate the colors in the color wheel. As you make your adjustments, the selected harmony rule continues to govern the colors generated for the color group.

  • Move the Brightness slider beside the wheel to adjust the color brightness.

  • Set the base color by dragging the Base color marker (the largest, double-ringed color marker) around the wheel. You can also set the base color by adjusting the color sliders at the bottom of the dialog box.

  • Set one of the four other colors in the color group as the base color. Select the color’s swatch and click the bull’s-eye button below the color group.

  • Set the host application’s foreground/background color or stroke/fill color as the base color. Click one of the first two buttons below the color group.

  • Remove a color from the color group by selecting the color’s swatch and clicking the Remove Color button below the color group. Add a new color by selecting an empty color swatch and clicking the Add Color button.

  • Try different color effects by selecting a new harmony rule and by moving the markers in the color wheel.

  • Double-click any of the swatches in the color group to set the active color (foreground/background or stroke/fill) in your application. If the application doesn't have an active or selected color feature, the Kuler panel sets the foreground color or the fill color as appropriate.