Adobe ColdFusion 8

String functions


ColdFusion MX: ColdFusion now supports the Java UCS-2 representation of Unicode character values 0-65535. (Earlier releases supported ASCII values.)

String-processing functions process any of these characters (including ASCII 0 (NUL) characters), and continue counting subsequent characters of the string, if any. (In earlier releases, some string-processing functions processed the ASCII 0 (NUL) character, but did not process subsequent characters of the string.)

Asc HTMLEditFormat ParagraphFormat ToBase64
BinaryDecode Insert ParseDateTime ToBinary
BinaryEncode JavaCast REFind ToString
CharsetDecode JSStringFormat REFindNoCase Trim
CharsetEncode LCase REMatch UCase
Chr Left REMatchNoCase URLDecode
CJustify Len RemoveChars URLEncodedFormat
Compare LJustify RepeatString Val
CompareNoCase ListValueCount Replace Wrap
DayOfWeekAsString LSParseNumber RTrim XmlFormat
Decrypt LTrim SpanExcluding
Encrypt ListValueCountNoCas e ReplaceNoCase
Find LSIsDate REReplace
FindNoCase LSIsNumeric REReplaceNoCase
FindOneOf LSParseCurrency ReplaceList
FormatBaseN LSIsCurrency Reverse
GenerateSecretKey LSParseDateTime Right
GetToken LSParseEuroCurrency RJustify
Hash Mid SpanIncluding
HTMLCodeFormat MonthAsString StripCR

See also Conversion functions.