Adobe ColdFusion 8

Managing the ColdFusion process in UNIX

The ColdFusion installation creates a single process in UNIX called coldfusion8. To check whether it is running, use the following command:

ps -eaf | grep coldfusion8

If it is running, your computer returns something similar to the following line:

nobody 4528 1 10 12:44 pts/0 00:00:07 /opt/coldfusion8/bin/coldfusion8 -jar jrun.jar -start coldfusion

Note: This discussion applies to the ColdFusion 8 server configuration only. With the multiserver or J2EE configuration, you start and stop ColdFusion 8 by starting the application server.

The ColdFusion process starts automatically when you start your computer and shuts down automatically when you shut down your computer, if you specified that it should do so in the installation.

In the ColdFusion Administrator, if you enable or disable security or change any option in the Java and JVM Settings page, you must stop and restart the ColdFusion process for your changes to take effect. This applies to the server configuration only; in the multiserver and J2EE configurations, you use application-server-specific methods to update Java settings.

Manage the ColdFusion process in UNIX

  1. Log in as root, if you have not already done so.
  2. Enter the following command:
    cd cf_root/bin

  3. Enter the appropriate command, as the following table describes:



    Start ColdFusion 8

    coldfusion start

    Stop ColdFusion 8

    coldfusion stop

    Restart ColdFusion 8

    coldfusion restart

    View performance information for ColdFusion 8

    coldfusion status

    Run Web Server Configuration Tool

    coldfusion wsconfig