Adobe ColdFusion 8

Java and JVM page

The Java and JVM page lets you specify the following settings, which enable ColdFusion to work with Java:



Java Virtual Machine Path

The absolute file path to the location of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) root directory. The default is cf_root/runtime/jre.

Minimum JVM Heap Size

The JVM initial heap size.

Maximum JVM Heap Size

The JVM maximum heap size. The default value is 512 MB.

ColdFusion Class Path

The file paths to the directories that contain the JAR files that ColdFusion uses. Specify either the fully qualified name of a directory that contains your JAR files or a fully qualified JAR filename. Use a comma to separate multiple entries.

JVM Arguments

The arguments to the JVM. Use a space to separate multiple entries (for example, -Xint -Xincgc).

Note: This page is available in the server configuration only.

Before ColdFusion saves your changes, it saves a copy of the current cf_root/runtime/bin/jvm.config file as jvm.bak. If your changes prevent ColdFusion from restarting, use the jvm.bak file to restore your system. For more information, see the online help.