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Launches a URL in a browser window.
Note: Beginning with Acrobat 8.1, File and JavaScript URLs can be executed only when operating in a privileged context, such as during a batch or console event. File and JavaScript URLs begin with the scheme names javascript or file.
(optional) If true, this method launches the URL in a new window of the browser application. The default is false.
The value undefined is returned on success. An exception is thrown on failure.
Example 1
	app.launchURL("", true);
Example 2
Add an online help item to the menu system. This code should be placed in a folder-level JavaScript file, or executed from the JavaScript Debugger console.
		cName: "myHelp", cUser: "Online myHelp", 
		cParent: "Help", 
		cExec: "app.launchURL('');", 
		nPos: 0 
Related methods are openDoc and the Doc object getURL method.