DOM manipulation

DOM (document object model) manipulation is a technique for editing a design file by directly manipulating its XML code. DOM manipulation gives you more control over variable design elements, including changing their content and appearance; you can even create new elements on an as-needed basis.

Scene7 allows you to manipulate the DOM of a Scene7 FXG template via URL commands after the template is published. Design elements in the FXG template are manipulated by passing commands through the URL. In this way, you can dynamically manipulate and add attributes to graphics.

To use DOM manipulation, you create s7:elementIDs in your Illustrator or InDesign file before converting it to a Scene7 FXG file and uploading it to SPS.

Important: When using DOM manipulation commands, all values passed in must be URL-encoded.
Note: Scene7 Creative Suite Extension (for converting Illustrator CS5 and InDesign CS5 files) converts to FXG 2.0. For information about this specification, see