Import element definitions

If you’re not sure whether a document has element definitions, open the Element Catalog and click in a text flow. If you see elements in the catalog, the document has definitions. You sometimes must select the All Elements option to get elements to appear. Select Element > Set Available Elements for the All Elements option.

If you are using a structured template, then element definitions are usually defined in it. However, sometimes your application developer may provide you with an EDD or DTD that you can directly import into your documents.

  1. Open the template, EDD, or DTD with the element definitions. The template, EDD, or DTD must be named and saved.

  2. Create a blank document or open the document or book that you want to update. If a book window is active, select the documents you want to update.

  3. In the document or book you’re updating, choose File > Import > Element Definitions.

  4. Choose the template, EDD, or DTD from the Import From Document pop-up menu. The pop-up menu lists all open and named documents.

  5. To remove special formatting and book-related changes in the document, do the following:

    • To remove format rule overrides, select While Updating, Remove Format Rule Overrides. Use this setting if you have made text or paragraph formatting changes to elements and now want to return to the formatting described in the EDD or DTD.

    • To remove element information derived from a book file, select While Updating, Remove Information Inherited From Book. Use this setting if the document used to be included in a book but is now a stand-alone document.

  6. Click Import. FrameMaker adds the element definitions to the document’s Element Catalog, replacing existing definitions.