Invite attendees and grant or deny access

While in the meeting room, hosts can invite people to attend a meeting. A host can choose to block access to a meeting, and allow or disallow requests to enter a blocked meeting.

Invite attendees while a meeting is in progress

Hosts can invite people to a meeting from the Adobe Connect Meeting room.

  1. In the menu bar, select Meeting > Manage Access And Entry > Invite Participants.
  2. In the Invite Participants dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click the Compose E‑mail button to open your default email application and send invitees an automatically generated email message with the meeting URL.

    • Copy the meeting URL from the Invite Participants dialog box into an email or instant message and send the message to invitees. Return to the meeting room and click Cancel to close the dialog box.

Allow participants to join without host permitting each entry

You can set up a meeting room to automatically allow the participants in the meeting room, without any intervention from the meeting hosts. When creating a new meeting, select Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room in the Access section. For an existing meeting, go to Edit Information and make the same selection.

Block incoming attendees

  1. In the menu bar, select Meeting > Manage Access and Entry > Block Incoming Attendees.
  2. To allow incoming attendees to request entry to the meeting, select Incoming Attendees Can Request Entry.
  3. (Optional) In the text box, edit the message for incoming attendees. Select Save Message to save the message for future use.

Block guests who lack registered Adobe Connect accounts

 In the menu bar, select Meeting > Manage Access and Entry > Block Guest Access.