Start meetings

If you are host, start a meeting by logging in to your meeting room and then invite others through email or instant message. Meetings can be spontaneous or prearranged.

When you enter a meeting room, you can perform setup tasks for attendees. For example, specify conference information, accept or decline requests to join the meeting, rearrange pods, and type notes.

Enter a meeting room

 Do one of the following:
  • From the home page in Adobe Connect Central, click My Meetings, and click the Open button for the desired meeting.

  • In Adobe Connect Central, navigate to the Meeting Information page for a specific meeting and click Enter Meeting Room.

  • Click the meeting URL in the email invitation that you have received. Type your Adobe Connect login and password, and then click Enter Room.

  • Enter the meeting URL in your browser. Type your Adobe Connect login and password, and then click Enter Room.

The first time you visit a meeting room, bookmark it for quick access the next time you want to start a meeting.

You can launch an Adobe Connect Meeting Room in the add-in by appending ?lightning=true to the meeting room URL. For example,

To make it easier for attendees to get familiar with an Adobe Connect meeting room, animated tips are displayed when they enter a meeting room. The tips are role-based and differ for hosts, presenters, and participants. The tips or guided hints showcase the primary workflows for a role. Individual users can chose to not see the guided hints when the users enter a meeting room.

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Guided Hints to help you understand a few common tasks

After a user checks Don't show this again, the user can launch the tips animation from Help > Show Tips for Adobe Connect in the meeting room.