Join a meeting

Attendees join a meeting as a guest or as a registered user, depending on the options chosen by the meeting host.

If your connection to the server fails, Adobe Connect displays an error message. It provides a link to a test wizard, which leads you through a series of steps to test your connection status.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • If you have been invited to a meeting by someone in your organization, on the Adobe Connect Home tab, click My Meetings. In the list of meetings on the left, locate the meeting you want to join and click Enter.

    • Click the URL for the meeting, most likely received in an email or instant message.

  2. Log in to the meeting room as either a guest or an Adobe Connect user:
    • Select Enter As A Guest. Type the name to be used as your identifier in the meeting. Enter appropriate values in the guest access fields, for example email id and contact number and click Enter Room.

    • Select Enter With Your Login And Password. Enter your login name and password. Click Enter Room.

    If you are the administrator of a hosted account, Adobe Connect displays the terms of service (ToS) by default. To log in to a meeting, first acknowledge that you have read and agree to the ToS.

    If you are a user, ToS is not displayed for hosted accounts. You can log in to a meeting before the ToS expires even if the administrator hasn’t accepted the ToS yet.

    For shared site accounts, the ToS are displayed when you first log in to Adobe Connect either as an administrator or a user. To proceed, acknowledge that you have read and agree to the ToS. Select the check box on the screen to indicate that you have read and agree to the ToS and Adobe Online Privacy Policy.

    Note: If the administrator for your meeting has activated client-side certificates, the Select Certificate dialog box appears when you attempt to enter a meeting. The dialog box prompts you to select a certificate to verify your identity. An administrator may have enabled a compliance Term of Use notice. Accept this notice to enter a meeting. (For more information, see Working with compliance and control settings.)