What’s new in Adobe Connect 9.2

Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing solution for web meetings, e-learning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, hence boosting productivity within the organizations. The new version of Adobe Connect offers improvements in the following major areas:
  • Improvements in the video conferencing experience.

  • User-friendly workflows to enhance the meeting experience.

  • New features to make Adobe Connect server and the meetings more secure.

  • Changes to the Events module to better the experience for the participants.

Improved video conferencing experience

Filmstrip mode
Adobe Connect 9.2 provides a new Filmstrip mode in the Video pod. In this mode, one main video appears in large size and the rest of the videos appear as small feeds in a strip.

The Filmstrip mode allows participants to focus on the main speaker of the session, while still see the other webcam feeds. Only the meeting Hosts can switch between the current Grid mode and the new Filmstrip mode using a toggle button.

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Filmstrip mode allows participants to focus on one speaker

Full screen video pod
Users can now make Video pod as full screen, just like it has been possible with the Share pod. When full screen, the pod can fully utilize the available screen area, with a single click of the button. In full screen, the title bar is hidden. To access it, hover the pointer at the top edge of the screen.

Individual participants can choose to use or not use the full screen options, unless it is enforced by hosts or presenters.

Webcam video in Video pod and the available controls
Stop sharing the webcam

Hosts can switch to the Grid layout when multiple webcams are being used

Hosts can switch to the Filmstrip layout when multiple webcams are being used

Make the Video pod full screen.

Menu icon to access all options of the Video pod

Close video (appears when a meeting host or a meeting presenter hovers pointer over the video)

Pause video (appears when anyone hovers pointer over the video)

Improved meeting experience

Adobe Connect 9.2 greatly enhances the experience of the first-time users. The improvements simplify workflows and reduce the number of steps required to start using Adobe Connect.

First meeting experience
New users now receive the welcome email in HTML format. Besides rich formatting, the email has a clear call to action for the new user to quickly get started. If user’s email client does not permit HTML emails, a text only email is delivered.

Clicking the Explore Adobe Connect link takes the user to the relevant part of the product, depending on user’s role. The user is taken either to a relevant area in Adobe Connect Central or directly to a meeting room. The relevant area is dynamically determined when the user logs in the first time and depends on users’ group membership, as assigned by the Account Admin. For example, if a new user is assigned an Event Manager role, Events tab opens upon clicking the Explore Adobe Connect link.

A new user, who is part of the Meeting hosts group, is taken to a system generated meeting room upon first login. The user can quickly get started by using this room as is. Optionally the user can also rename the room or customize it further by accessing the web application.

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First-time meeting user is taken to a system generated meeting room with an option to rename it

Pause audio broadcast
Hosts can now pause the audio broadcasted in a meeting room. It pauses the audio broadcast without breaking the UV line. When audio broadcast is paused, participants connected via telephone line can hear the participants connected via VoIP but not the other way round. Such an option allows for example, the Hosts and Presenters to have a discussion with each other, on Telephone Bridge, without letting the participants in the meeting room hear the discussion.
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Pause audio option in Audio pop up menu

Notifier indicating paused audio

Recording start indication
When a user starts a meeting recording, it may or may not take a few seconds to start, depending on whether Universal Voice is started or not. Now meeting participants get an indication with a swirly, indicating that the recording is starting. Once the recording starts, a red button indicates it.
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A swirly, in the top-right corner, indicates that the meeting recording is about to start.

A red circle, in the top-right corner, indicates that the meeting recording has started.

Opt out from engagement tracking
Adobe Connect 9.2 onwards, hosts can provide opt out option to participants of a meeting, a virtual classroom, or a seminar. Previously, opt out option was available only to Event participants. Account Administrators enable opt out and control the default settings, which are applicable for the entire account. Administrators can also allow hosts to override account-wide settings for an individual meeting, as they see fit.
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Opt out settings available to account administrators

Enhanced security

Change password at first login
In the user creation workflow, there is an option to prompt new users to change their password upon their first login. Adobe Connect 9.2 onwards, this option is selected by default. While creating an account, administrators can unselect this option, if necessary.

Prevent old password usage
Administrators can now force users to not use their old passwords, while changing or resetting it. With this setting enabled, users are not able to use their 3-13 old passwords, as configured.
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Option to prevent password reuse

User suspension on multiple failed login attempts
To provide security against brute force attacks, a new security policy is brought in with Adobe Connect 9.2. A user login is suspended if five consecutive login attempts are made using incorrect passwords, within 15 minutes. The login is suspended for five minutes, after which user can log in again. Unsuccessful login attempts across all Adobe Connect applications, like Meetings, Events, Mobile client, and Outlook add-ins, are considered towards suspension.
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User account suspension message

Improved event experience

Login using social profiles
Adobe Connect 9.2 event participants can use their social profiles to register for and join an Adobe Connect event. This option allows users to attend events without going through the hassle of creating and remember new credentials. Users can choose to either authenticate using their existing Facebook or Google+ profiles or continue attending events as they have done previously. Account administrators can enable social login for events on an account. Using another setting Account Administrators can allow Event Managers to enable or disable social login individually for each event.
Note: The option to use social profiles to register and log in is available only on hosted offering of Adobe Connect and not on the on-premise deployments.
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Option to register and log in via social accounts

Opt out from engagement tracking
Adobe Connect 9.2 onwards, Account Administrators can enable opt out from engagement tracking, for the entire account. Previously, Event Administrators set the opt out options for events. Also, another setting can allow individual hosts to override account settings to change it for an event.
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Opt out settings available to account administrators

Adobe Connect Mobile 2.2 client

Host, share, collaborate, and train from anywhere, anytime, with the free mobile client for Adobe Connect. The client brings the major Adobe Connect capabilities to the palm of your hand for true mobility.

Adobe Connect Mobile client provides a rich experience, for the tablet users, to host and attend meetings. Mobile hosts now have a set of meeting controls unmatched by any other web-conferencing client in the marketplace. The controls include sharing documents and presentations from an Adobe Connect Server. Now the hosts can change the layout within a meeting, use the whiteboard, and draw on the slides to highlight a critical point. Various controls over participants’ recordings and audio within the meeting are also available to tablet-based mobile hosts.

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Adobe Connect Mobile client provides unmatched collaboration options on your mobile or tablet devices