What’s new in Adobe Connect 9.4

Adobe® Connect™ is a web conferencing solution for web meetings, e-learning, and webinars. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, hence boosting productivity within the organizations. The latest release of Adobe Connect provides new user groups and bug fixes across different areas of the product. Below is a summary of the new features.

Seminar Administrators

Adobe Connect 9.4 onwards, Seminar Hosts group is renamed as Seminar Administrators. Also, the group members now have access to the Event Management section and to Shared Webinar rooms in the Shared Seminar section.

Webinar Manager

Adobe Connect 9.4 introduces three new groups titled Webinar Manager 100, Webinar Manager 500, and Webinar Manager 1000. The numbers indicate the maximum participant capacity in a webinar created by a respective manager. These groups are available as system groups with membership driven by the number of licenses provisioned in any account. A user can be a member of only one of these three groups at a time.

Any group members can access My Seminars, Seminar Sessions, Seminar Calendar, and Seminar Dashboard tabs. The members can create seminars in the My Seminar tab within the license they own. Also, the members cannot access the seminars they do not have access to.

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Seminars tabs in Adobe Connect Central

Virtual Classroom Managers

Another new group introduced in Adobe Connect 9.4 is called Virtual Classroom Managers to simplify the creation and management of Virtual Classrooms. Members of this new group can create virtual classrooms with a capacity of up to 200 participants in the My Trainings section. The group members also have access to the Event Management section. The following screenshot displays the groups:

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New groups in Adobe Connect 9.4 include VC Managers and Webinar Managers