Start a shared review

The shared PDF that you send includes the Annotation and Drawing markup panels, and instructions in the document message bar.

  1. Choose Comment > Review > Send For Shared Review.
    You can also start a shared review directly from other applications that use PDFMaker, such as Microsoft Word. Choose Adobe PDF > Convert To Adobe PDF And Send For Review. For Office 2007/2010 applications, choose Acrobat > Create And Send For Review.
  2. If prompted, specify a PDF.
  3. Choose a delivery and collection method. You can use, your own internal server, or a server profile if you have already created one. (For more information, see Choosing a distribution option for reviews and forms.) Then follow the onscreen instructions.
  4. On the email screen, specify the following settings as needed:
    Delivery Method
    Click to specify a different delivery and collection method from the one that is currently selected.

    To, Cc
    Enter the email addresses of your reviewers. Insert a semicolon or a return after each address. Click the To or Cc button to select email addresses from your email application address book.

    Subject, Message
    Preview and edit the email subject and message as needed. Acrobat saves any changes you make and displays them the next time you send a document for review. To use the default email message, click Reset Default Message.

    Access Level ( only)
    Specifies who can download the file from You can limit access to only the recipients of your email, or you can allow open access to anyone who knows the URL.

    Review Deadline
    Click to specify a different date or no deadline. After the review deadline expires, reviewers cannot publish comments.
    Note: If the review deadline expires while a reviewer has the document open in Acrobat, then the reviewer can publish comments before closing the document.

    Allow Page View Sharing And Chat Collaboration In This Document ( only)
    When selected, reviewers can use the Collaborate Live feature to open and share the PDF in a live chat session.

  5. Click Send.

Acrobat creates a copy of the shared review file, named [original filename]_review.pdf, in the same folder as the original file you specified for the review.