Balancing PDF file size and quality

You can select various settings to ensure that your PDF has the best balance between file size, resolution, conformity to specific standards, and other factors. Which settings you select depends on your goals for the PDF that you are creating. For example, a PDF intended for high-quality commercial printing requires different settings than a PDF intended only for on-screen viewing and quick downloading over the Internet.

Once selected, these settings apply across PDFMaker, Acrobat, and Acrobat Distiller. However, some settings are limited to specific contexts or file types. For example, PDFMaker options can vary among the different types of Microsoft Office applications.

For convenience, you can select one of the conversion presets available in Acrobat. You can also create, define, save, and reuse custom presets that are uniquely suited to your purposes.

For scanned documents, you can choose from Autodetect Color Mode or several scanning presets that are optimized for scanning documents and images in color or black and white. You can modify these presets, or use your own custom scanning settings.