Create a custom action

  1. Choose File > Action Wizard > Create New Action.

  2. In the Create New Action dialog box, select the input sources in the Start With menu.

  3. In the left task pane, expand the panels, and click a task to add it. You can add multiple tasks, and the tasks are run in the order in which they appear in the Steps area.

  4. Click to configure task options.

  5. Enable the Prompt User check box to specify the task options while running the action.

  6. Add other tasks as required.

    You can drag the task to change the order in the sequence. To delete a task, click delete button on the task; the delete button appears when you position your mouse over the task.
  7. If you want display messages, click Add Instruction Step, to insert instructions that appear while the task is running. This is useful to communicate with users about what they need to do next.

  8. From the Save To menu choose a destination to save the output files.

  9. Click to specify additional settings for the destination.

  10. Check Overwrite existing files to allow the action to overwrite existing files in the destination.

  11. Click Save.

  12. In the Save Action dialog box, enter a name and a description for the action and click Save.

For video on creating actions see