Create form fields

In Acrobat, you create a form field by choosing one of the form tools. For each field type, you can set a variety of options through the form field Properties dialog box.

Note: In Windows, you can use Designer ES2 to edit forms that were created in Acrobat. However, Acrobat can’t edit form fields that have been opened and saved in Designer ES2.

Open form editing mode

The form editing mode displays the Form task pane. Using the options in the Forms task pane you can add new fields, edit existing fields, and perform other form related tasks.

  • If you created a new form, it opens in Form editing mode by default.
  • For existing forms, choose Tools > Forms > Edit

The form now displays in Form editing mode, and the Forms task pane is opened.

Create a new form field

  1. After you convert your document to a PDF form, open the Forms task pane if it is not already open.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click Tasks > Add New Field, and then select a tool.

    • Choose a form field from the Quick Access toolbar.

    • Right-click the page and select a tool.

    Your cursor becomes a crosshair, and displays a preview of the field.

  3. On the page, click where you want to add the field to create a field with the default size. To create a field using a custom size, drag a rectangle to define the size of the field.
  4. In the Field Name box, type the name of the field and specify if you want the field to be a required field. Choose a name that is relevant and descriptive to make organizing and collecting the data easier.
  5. To display the Properties dialog box and modify any other field properties, click All Properties.
    Note: If you have selected the Keep Tool Selected option in the forms toolbar (visible in the form editing mode), the Field Name box doesn’t appear after adding a field. Each time you click the page, a new field is added to the form. To exit this mode, press the Esc key or click the Select Object Tool button . To modify the properties of the field, double-click the field.
  6. To test your form, click the Preview button. Previewing a form allows you to view the form the same way the form recipients will and gives you a chance to verify the form. If you are previewing a form, you can click the Edit button to go back to the edit mode.