Create PDFs from Word mail merges

Mail merges from Word generate documents like form letters—for one common example—which are personalized with information like the names and addresses of the individuals to whom they will be sent. With Acrobat PDFMaker, you can save steps by using a Word mail merge document and corresponding data file to output mail merges directly to PDF. You can even set up PDFMaker to attach those PDFs to email messages that are generated during the PDF-creation process.

Note: For information on setting up files for the Word Mail Merge feature, see Microsoft Office Word Help.
  1. In Microsoft Word, open the template that you have created as the basis of your mail merge, or create the file using the Word Mail Merge toolbar and Mail Merge wizard, as needed.
    Important: Do not complete the mail merge in Word. Instead, set up and preview the mail merge as usual, so that you can verify that the merge will work correctly.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Choose Adobe PDF > Mail Merge To Adobe PDF.

    • Click the Mail Merge To Adobe PDF button on the Mail Merge toolbar (View > Toolbars > Mail Merge).

    • (Word 2007) From the Acrobat ribbon, click Mail Merge.

  3. In the Acrobat PDFMaker - Mail Merge dialog box, select the options you want:
    • To specify which records in the data file will be imported into the merged files, select All or Current, or enter a range of pages by typing in the From and To boxes.

    • To name the PDF that will be created, type in the Specify PDF File Name box.

      Note: The PDF will be named using this text plus a series of numbers. For example, if you type JulyLetter in the Specify PDF File Name box, the mail-merged PDFs might appear as JulyLetter_0000123, JulyLetter_0000124, JulyLetter_0000125, and so forth.
  4. For Automatically Send Adobe PDF Files By Email, do one of the following:
    • To create and save merged PDFs for printing or sending later in email, leave the option unselected, and click OK.

    • To create merged PDFs and attach each one to an email message to the appropriate recipient, select this check box, and fill in the other Email options.

  5. When the Browse For Folder dialog box appears, navigate to the location you want to use and click OK.

    Status indicators appear as PDFMaker generates the individual PDFs, which takes an amount of time that is proportional to the complexity of the merge and the number of PDFs you create.

  6. If you selected Automatically Send Adobe PDF Files By Email, a dialog box appears asking for your email profile. Enter the appropriate information and click OK.

When the job is finished, a message appears, telling you that the process was successful.

Email options for PDF mail merges

Use the pop-up menu to select the field or column in the associated data file that contains the email addresses in each individual’s record.

Subject Line
Type the text that you want to appear in the subject line of each message.

Type to add or edit text that you want to appear in the body of the email messages.