Convert PDFs to Word, RTF, spreadsheets or other formats

Use the Save As command to convert a PDF to Microsoft Word format, or Rich Text Format (RTF), a standard for exchanging content between text-editing applications. The file you obtain when you export a PDF to Word or RTF is not equivalent to the source file in the authoring application. Some coding information may be lost in the conversion.

You can also export a PDF to plain text or accessible text. Accessible text follows the reading order preference selected in the Reading preferences, and includes comments and form fields in its output. Accessible text also includes some formatting, such as line breaks. Any alternate text in the document tags is used in place of images and figures. Plain text follows the structure order of text in the document and ignores all artifacts and figure elements in the conversion. Hard hyphens are preserved, and soft hyphens are removed.

You can also export a PDF to a spreadsheet format for Excel.

  1. Choose File > Save As > [Type] > [version], and choose a file format.
  2. Click Settings, select the options you want, click OK, and click Save.

Additional resources

For videos and tutorials on saving PDFs to other formats, see these resources:

Conversion options

You can configure conversion options before you save the file. By default, the conversion options specified under Preferences are used.