Take a snapshot of a page

You can use the Snapshot tool to copy all selected content (text, images, or both) to the clipboard or to another application. Text and images are copied as an image.

  1. Select the Snapshot tool by choosing Edit > Take a Snapshot.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click anywhere in the page to capture the entire content displayed on the screen.

    • Drag a rectangle around the text or images, or a combination of both.

    • Drag a rectangle within an image to copy just a portion of the image.

      Colors in the selected area are inverted momentarily to highlight the selection. The selection is copied automatically to the clipboard when you release the mouse button. If a document is open in another application, you can choose Edit > Paste to paste the copied selection directly into the target document.

      To add the Snapshot tool to the Common Tools toolbar, right-click the toolbar and select Edit > Take Snapshot. The Common Tools toolbar is located to the left of the Tools, Comment, and Share panes. See Toolbars.
      You can save all the images from a PDF. See Export images to another format. This feature isn’t available in Reader.