Choosing a tool

A common misconception about PDF documents is that they should behave like any other document that contains images and text, letting you freely move or edit items on a page. A PDF is like a snapshot of your original document. You can perform minor touch-ups, but if your PDF requires substantial revision, it’s easier to make changes to the source document and regenerate the PDF.

For editing text and objects, choose from the tools in the Tools task pane. To insert editing marks in a PDF to indicate your changes to the original document, see Mark up text with edits.

The Edit Document Text tool lets you add to and replace existing text if the fonts used are available on the system. If the fonts aren’t available, you can change only the appearance of existing text. However, you can add new blocks of text using the Edit Document Text tool. To wrap text on a line during editing, select Enable Text Word Wrapping in the Touchup Preferences. Add or Edit Text Box command also lets you create new text, but provides fewer options to modify new text than the Edit Document Text tool. See video The Basics of Editing a PDF Document for a quick overview.

Note: Using Edit Document Text may affect how the document reflows, which can make the document less accessible to the visually impaired.

The Select Object tool provides basic editing capabilities for most objects. You can modify the size, page location, and properties of images, links, fields, and multimedia objects. You can make these same changes with the tool used to create the object.

To scale, rotate, flip, or clip an image or object (including text blocks), use the Edit Object tool. The Edit Object tool can also place images and change an object’s color space. If you need to edit the source file for an embedded image or object, the Edit Object tool can start an image-editing or object-editing application.

Note: Comments—even though they have a graphic appearance—are not considered page elements and therefore cannot be selected or manipulated using the touchup tools.
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Editing text with the Edit Document Text tool