About PDF layers

You can view, navigate, and print layered content in PDFs created from applications such as InDesign, AutoCAD, and Visio.

You can control the display of layers using the default and initial state settings. For example, you can hide a layer containing a copyright notice whenever a document is displayed on screen, while ensuring that the layer always prints.

You can rename, flatten, and merge layers, change the properties of layers, and add actions to layers. You can also rearrange layers, import layers from image files and other PDFs, and lock layers to prevent them from being hidden.

Acrobat does not allow you to author layers that change visibility according to the zoom level. However, you can highlight a portion of a layer that is especially important by creating a bookmark that magnifies or hides the layer using page actions. You can also add links that let users click a visible or invisible link to navigate to or zoom in on a layer.

To retain layers when you convert InDesign CS documents to PDF, make sure that Compatibility is set to Acrobat 6.0 (PDF 1.5) or higher. Additionally, make sure that Create Acrobat Layers is selected in the Export Adobe PDF dialog box.