Adobe RoboHelp 7 for Word

Cannot find or load the file (DLL) or Routine not found

When viewing the compiled Help file, if you get the message "Cannot find or load the file filename.dll" or the "Routine not found" error message, this means a DLL needed by the compiled Help file can't be located on your system. DLLs should always be located in the user's \System directory under the operating system folder. (For example, \Windows\System.)

To locate missing DLLs:

  1. From the Start menu, select Search. The Search Results window appears.

  2. Click All files and folders.

  3. In All or part of file name, enter the name of the missing DLL.

  4. In Look in, select or browse to the drive containing your operating system.

  5. Click Search to initiate the search.

  6. Review the search results:

·   If the DLL lists in the search results, make sure it appears in your \System folder. If it doesn't, use Windows Explorer to copy the DLL to the appropriate \Systems folder.

·   If the DLL doesn't list in the search results, try searching the drive where you installed RoboHelp. If the DLL still can't be located on your machine, try reinstalling RoboHelp. If the DLL is missing from a user's machine, you can send the missing DLL to the user. Make sure to instruct the user to place the missing DLL in the appropriate \System folder.

(Close the Find: All Files dialog when you're finished.)

You can use RoboHelp's Diagnostics Report to check for missing DLLs before you compile.

To generate the Diagnostics Report:

From RoboHelp Explorer's Tools menu, select Reports, and choose Diagnostics. The Reports dialog appears and RoboHelp generates the report.

Make sure the Check for missing DLLs option is selected:

·   Click Options to open the Diagnostics Report Options dialog.

·   Under Missing Files, make sure Check for missing DLLs is selected.

·   Click OK to close the dialog and regenerate the Diagnostics Report.

If a DLL is missing, use the instructions above to locate it.