Link clip data to XMP metadata

In the Metadata panel, the Clip property value fields are internal. They reside in the Premiere Pro project file, and are readable by Premiere Pro alone. However, some of the property value fields in the Clip section have a link option box next to them. After you select the link option, Premiere Pro automatically enters the information that you enter into the Clip value field into a corresponding XMP field.

When you select the link option, the metadata panel links a clip data field to an XMP metadata field in one of the schema. Selecting this option does not copy existing clip data into XMP fields. Premiere Pro does copy any clip data added after the link is made into the linked XMP fields. In most cases, the XMP field has the same name as the clip data field linked to it. In the following two cases, the XMP fields have names different from the clip data fields linked to them:

Clip data field name

XMP field name


Title (in Dublin Core schema)

Log Note

Log Comment (In Dynamic Media schema)

  1. In the Metadata panel, drag the scroll bar under the Clip heading downward until you see the fields with empty link buttons to the right.
  2. Click the link buttons near any fields you want to link to XMP metadata.

    A chain icon appears in the link button for any linked field.