Adjusting gain and volume

Gain generally refers to the input level or volume in clips. Volume generally refers to the output level or the volume in sequence clips or tracks. You can set gain or volume levels to make levels more consistent among tracks or clips, or to change the volume of a track or clip. Keep in mind, however, that if the level of an audio clip was set too low when it was digitized, increasing the gain or volume might simply amplify noise. For best results, follow the standard practice of recording or digitizing source audio at the optimum level; this practice allows you to concentrate on adjusting track levels.

You use the Audio Gain command to adjust the gain level for one or more selected clips. The Audio Gain command is independent of the output level settings in the Audio Mixer and Timeline panels, but its value is combined with the track level for the final mix.

You can adjust the volume for a sequence clip in the Effect Controls or Timeline panels. In the Effect Controls panel, you use the same methods to adjust the volume that you use to set other effect options. It’s often simpler to adjust the Volume effect in a Timeline panel.

You control track output levels in the Audio Mixer or a Timeline panel. Although you control track levels primarily through the Audio Mixer, you can also do so using audio track keyframes in a Timeline panel. Because track keyframes represent mixer automation settings, they affect output only if automation is set to Read, Touch, or Latch.

You can adjust the gain for an entire sequence with the Normalize Master Track command.