Edit, copy, or search shot properties

For both placeholders and recorded clips, the Shot List lets you view and edit several descriptive properties like Location and Scene. Most Shot List properties are reflected in the Metadata panel’s Dynamic Media schema. That panel, however, provides access to many additional properties optimized for specific workflows.

In both the Shot List and Metadata panel, properties are based on Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP), so they appear throughout Adobe video and audio applications. This shared metadata streamlines your production process. For more information, see Viewing and editing XMP metadata.

Edit shot properties

  • To edit a text property like Clip Name or Description, click once to select a shot. Then click the property, and type.

  • To edit a numeric property like Rating, drag across it.

  • To enable or disable an option like Good, click it.

To add descriptive text at specific time points, see Comment markers. These markers appear only in Adobe OnLocation.

Copy properties from one shot to another

Copied properties include all metadata, except for Clip Name, Sequence, Good, Rating, and Comments. (Excluding the Clip Name and Sequence properties maintains the current family of the shot you paste into.)

  1. In the Shot List, right-click a shot, and choose Copy Metadata.

  2. Right-click another clip, and choose Paste Metadata.

To create an entirely new shot based on the properties of an existing one, see Add or duplicate shot placeholders.

Search shot properties

The Shot List provides search features like those found in the Metadata panel.

  1. In the upper left of the Shot List, enter text in the search box.

    The list collapses to reveal only shots with properties that contain the text.

  2. To limit the search to a specific property column, select it from the In menu.

  3. To exit the search mode and return to the full list of shots, click the close button  to the right of the search box.

Remove shot properties from output files

By default, Adobe OnLocation embeds Shot List properties in output files, ensuring that these properties are visible in other Adobe video applications. In most cases, you should leave this default setting unchanged. If you prefer to define clip properties in another video application, however, you can disable embedded properties in Adobe OnLocation.

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Recording (Windows) or OnLocation > Preferences > Recording (Mac OS).

  2. Deselect Include Source XMP Metadata In Output.