New features in Adobe OnLocation CS4

Adobe OnLocation™ CS4 is powerful cross-platform, direct-to-disk recording and monitoring software that helps you shoot better and faster. Designed to run on a laptop or workstation, Adobe OnLocation CS4 gives you an impressive array of production tools to quickly and easily manage shots, review content, and add metadata. Save time and money on-set, in postproduction, and through delivery with XMP metadata support and tight integration with Adobe® Premiere® Pro.

For a video overview of Adobe OnLocation features, see
Work on the platform of your choice. Adobe OnLocation CS4 runs natively in Windows and Mac OS, letting you take advantage of the full power of the application on either platform.

Familiar, customizable Adobe user interface
Get working quickly and efficiently with a user interface that looks and operates like the Adobe video and audio applications you already know. In Adobe OnLocation CS4, all functions are visible on a standard laptop screen, eliminating the need to scroll and search through menus. (See Customizing the workspace.)

Comprehensive XMP metadata
Adobe OnLocation CS4 provides complete support for XMP metadata. Use the Shot List and Metadata panels to view, find, and add metadata to assets. Because the data is stored in XMP format, it flows automatically to other Adobe audio and video applications. (See Viewing and editing XMP metadata.)

Workflow integration with Adobe Premiere Pro
Move content from Adobe OnLocation to Adobe Premiere Pro quickly and easily, while retaining metadata entered during shooting, speeding up the editing process. (See Transferring clips to other applications.)

Fast logging
Log shots in the Shot List using a tabular interface that works like a spreadsheet. Navigate through the most commonly used data fields using the keyboard. This fast, efficient method of data entry ensures that you gather more useful information at the time of the shoot, enabling greater efficiency later, in postproduction. (See Organizing the Shot List.)

Shot List with multiple takes
Use Adobe OnLocation to manage your video shoot. Before shooting, create placeholder shots in the Shot List, complete with metadata. Adobe OnLocation can automatically create new takes each time you record, with each take inheriting metadata from the master shot. (See Select shot- or take-recording mode.)

Search for content in the Shot List
Find the content you need quickly in the Shot List using the inline search feature. Type the first few letters of a keyword, and the list of files is filtered as you type so that only relevant items are shown. Search across all data fields or specify a particular field. (See Edit, copy, or search shot properties.)

Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Adobe OnLocation CS4 can be driven almost completely with keyboard shortcuts. This approach promotes fast, efficient operation while on-set. Customize keyboard shortcuts throughout the application so that it works the way you want. Save and recall shortcut sets to make it easy to move from system to system. (See Finding and customizing shortcuts.)

Comment markers
Use comment markers to add notes during recording or playback. Comments are attached to exact timecode, making it easy to review specific parts of clips while still at the shoot. (See Comment markers.)