Upgrading processes that use QPACs

You can upgrade processes that use LiveCycle 7.x Quick Process Action Components (QPACs). When you upgrade a process, a copy of the process is created in which actions that are based on QPACs are replaced with equivalent LiveCycle ES operations.

Important: LiveCycle ES2.5 is the last release to support QPACs. To ensure future compatibility, processes using QPACs must be upgraded using the Process Upgrade Tool that is available in Workbench 9.
Note: Upgrades use operations that were equivalent in LiveCycle ES. Those operations can be deprecated in LiveCycle ES2.5.

Before upgrading processes, you must have already upgraded your LiveCycle 7.x environment using LiveCycle Configuration Manager. After upgrading the environment, LiveCycle 7.x workflows, QPAC components, and run-time data are persisted in the LiveCycle ES2.5 database:

  • Workflows (processes) are organized on the Processes view in the categories they belonged to in the LiveCycle 7.x environment.

  • QPAC components are organized on the 7x Components view in the categories they belonged to in the LiveCycle 7.x environment.

For information about using LiveCycle Configuration Manager, see the Installing and Deploying document for your application server, available at http://adobe.com/go/learn_lc_documentation_9.

Note: Process upgrading should be performed within the development environment. Ensure upgraded processes are fully tested before deploying them to a production environment.
Important: After upgrading your LiveCycle 7.x environment, which includes an instance of LiveCycle Form Manager 7.x, to LiveCycle ES using LiveCycle Configuration Manager, a file named categories.xml in the FormManager folder appears in the Resources view of LiveCycle Workbench ES. The categories.xml file contains information about the form categories that were persisted from the LiveCycle Form Manager 7.x installation. Users who are assigned the rolesof Super Administrator, Process Administrator, and Resource Administrator can see the file. Because the categories.xml file reveals information about form categories, you should limit the ability to see this file to users who are assigned the Super Administrator role. To prevent Process Administrator and Resource Administrator users from seeing the file, add access permissions to the file by using the Resources view after the upgrade is performed. (See Setting access permissions.)

For information about importing processes into the LiveCycle ES2.5 applications, see Leveraging legacy solutions in LiveCycle ES2.5.