New for LiveCycle Workbench 9.5

Improved events creation and editing

Events are now easier to work with. Use the improved Event Picker to add events.

Variable highlighting

Determining which variables are associated with a particular activity is now easier. Click on an activity in the process editor and in the Variables view variables that are referenced by that activity display in blue text. Similarly, you can select a variable in the Variables view, to see the activities that are reference by that variable highlighted in blue in the process editor.

Improved Data Type selection

Selecting data types is now simpler. Data types are reorganized and categorized in a new Select Data Type dialog box, to make look up and selection faster and easier.

New Show Local Applications feature

Use the new Show Local Applications check box in the Get Applications dialog box to quickly determine which applications are in the repository and which applications are already on your computer.

New Rename feature

You can now rename assets associated with undeployed applications.

New Approval wizard

The new Approval wizard guides you through the process of adding a User 2.0 operation for a document review and approval process. Upon completion, the wizard adds a configured Assign Task or Assign Multiple Tasks operation to the process map.

New Relationship viewer

Within the Applications view you can now see the relationship between form designs and deployed assets. Before modifying or deleting an asset from your application, you can determine how the change impacts your form designs.

New XML Schema editor

You can now create XML Schema Definition (XSD) files using the new XML Schema Editor in Workbench.

Simplified process recording and playback

You can now record process executions when invoking a process, and then play them back.

Support for Mobile

Workbench now includes a new Mobile start point that you can configure using the New Process wizard.

Guides support for Mobile

You can now create a Guide that is based on an application model (FML) and display on supported mobile devices.

Obtain updates to Workbench

The new update mechanism enables users who are currently using a LiveCycle ES2 server to preview new Workbench features and bug fixes without waiting for a new release of the LiveCycle server. To check for updates select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install and follow the steps in the wizard.

Server log viewer

In Workbench, you can now install a LiveCycle server log viewer that lets you inspect application server logs without having access to a LiveCycle server.