What’s included in the solution template

The solution template is a reference implementation of the Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator for a fictitious insurance company called Finance Corporation. The solution template is provided as an example of what you could build using the solution accelerator. It is not supported.

The solution template consists of:

  • A representative insurance company intranet portal, through which users can navigate to the core correspondence management system. The portal is integrated with Adobe User Management:

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    Correspondence Management solution template portal
  • The solution template includes representative users and correspondence assets. It provides the following assets in a content services archive:

    • correspondence assets required to create six types of insurance letters:

      • Policy Jacket

      • Endorsement Jacket

      • Notice of Cancellation

      • Reinstatement Notice

      • Claims Coverage Confirmation

      • Notice of Subrogation

    • two data dictionaries

    • customer data

    • users with predefined user permissions

    • a postprocess that receives generated correspondence and archives it in the content store

  • A Customer List page, which provides access to the Create Correspondence UI:

  • The Create Correspondence UI components are provided by the Asset Composer building block. However, the solution template provides the container for those UI components.

    The solution template includes Flex code that shows how to wrap the UI provided by the Asset Composer building block. It provides a Flash Builder project file and an ANT build script that enable you to change the style, branding, and resource strings.

  • Manage Assets UI, where users can create and manage the correspondence assets, including letter templates:

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    Manage Assets UI
    Note: In the solution template, the Manage Assets UI has been named “Manage Templates”.

    The Manage Assets UI is part of the solution template, but uses the building blocks to provide much of the functionality.

The solution template can be rebranded, restyled, and localized. For details on how to use the Solution Template, see Using the Solution Accelerator.

The files provided by the solution template are not supported. For details on where these files are located, see List of installed components.